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Torsten Pettersson


Torsten Pettersson is a novelist, poet and professor of literature. He is the author of three novels that have been translated into several languages, nine poetry collections, a collection of short stories and numerous academic publications. 


Originating from the Swedish-speaking part of Finland, Torsten Pettersson resides in Sweden where he is professor at Uppsala University, the oldest university in Scandinavia.

"[T]he plot is superb... a perfectly constructed thriller, one piece of a mosaic next to the other, with dense seams and a subtle and surprising logic... [I]t holds you enthralled, in constant expectation of the next blow, the following inspiration."

Pietro Soria, La Stampa, Italy, on Give Me Your Eyes


"[A] skilfully constructed plot which efficiently and to great effect capitalizes on unpredictable turns of event…Hide Me in Your Heart more than holds its own in the stiff competition within the genre..."

Bror Rönnholm, Åbo Underrättelser, Finland, on Hide Me in Your Heart


"On the surface Hitler’s Enemies is a thriller, and its well-paced plot, original settings and lively set of characters hold the reader in thrall. But it is also a book which poses thought-provoking and perennially relevant questions about our responsibility for the society we live in."

Catrin Ormestad in Upsala Nya Tidning, Sweden, on Hitler's Enemies




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